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Posting Rules


To begin with, the site communicate with hundreds of people of different faiths and persuasions, and all of them are full-fledged visitors to our site, so if we want a community of people to function and we need rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules, it will take you just five minutes, but save us and you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

We expect you to always emphasize while sharing content, to consider buying the content from its original Content Owner, if the use is going to be professionally and commercially. In turn, we expect you to refrain from encouraging people to continue using the content, if the use is going to be professionally and commercially. We especially expect you to respect the original Content Owner and refrain from mockery, insults or otherwise speaking out negatively against the original Content Owner and/or his product(s).

If you own content of 3rd parties but you are allowed by its license (f.e. GPL) or special agreements (f.e. ‘Developer Version’), to share this content with others, you are free to do so. As we cannot verify the legal status of every user generated or shared content, you are only allowed to link to the content that you wish to share. For liability purposes we are hereby distancing ourselves from any such user generated or shared content. Everything you publish will be subject to the Abuse / DMCA process and you are solely responsible for anything you publish on the website.


* Users cannot add the same articles that were already posted before by someone else.
You can add them with different download links only if the same download link is down.
* Users are forbidden to add the same articles more than once – unless you are posting an updated (new) version of that file/article.
Those who keep adding the same articles over and over again will in effect lose their posting status or even get banned.
* We strongly advise you to use the SEARCH BOX FEATURE before you add your news.
* Do not Add Any Download link’s From Turbobit or LetitBit. They Does Not Allow Us User’s To Download! Or if you use their, you must add a download link For US User’s Free
* DO NOT make inappropriate or offensive replies, including threats, harassment, swearing, prejudice, slander or deliberate insults/name-calling, or other negative remarks about  administrators or other members, even if this is just your own personal opinion;
* Don’t try post porn or adult content, sites promoting activities such as drug abuse, gambling and links to sites containing such content.
* Members that have these behaviours will be banished of our community.

Register please contact:

* 1st Inappropriate Behaviours – A polite Private Message from a Moderator pointing out the Community Rules, in addition to the editing or deletion the replay;
* 2nd Inappropriate Behaviours – Public warning on the message board plus deletion of replay and all posts;
* 3rd Inappropriate Behaviours – Moderators will delete the user from the;
* Depending on the situation, Community’s Administrator may bypass any and all of these steps and take whatever action is deemed appropriate.

* DO NOT use the like a basis for spamming or scamming our members;
* We take PM/email abuse very seriously, and it’ll result in the immediate removal of this member and we’ll banish your IP address, without warning;
* If you SPAM our members in any manner, your account will be disabled.

* The community’s members should always revise these orientations before doing any new post to avoid that are removed during the validation by moderators.
* These rules can be modified at any moment and without warning; therefore we advised the all community’s members to revise this guide constantly, avoiding like this the removal of new posts.
* Adding the same news more than once is forbidden on  If it happens – the articles will be removed and you could lose your posting rights. Please, use the search feature to check before you publish your articles.

* All posts displayed should be preferably in English language, this includes posts, titles, signatures, and any attachments, and other languages may be considered valid after moderation;
* Posters/Users has to mark Depositfile/or RapidShare, Medifire etc. mirror in all publications and uploads;
* All details such as information and images must be centred in short (main) content;
* If the users will upload vector package or StockPhoto cs’s/packs, they should provide index/content/package preview;
* All duplicate content will be deleted, before you post any news, should make a simple quest (searching) for you to avoid waste your time;
* Images with logos of other sites are forbidden and these will be deleted immediately;
* Please, make sure that you place your articles in the right categories…
* Please, do not publish porn and Child pornography
* Please, do not add articles containing password protected archives.
* Please, do not add FAKE files
* Articles from Magazines, Software and Tutorials categories MUST be only Web Design and Graphic related
* Please, do not add MICROSOFT articles like Windows, Office and more…
* Please, do not add Template Monster Collections
* It is forbidden for Editors to change the date of publishing their posts – anyone who does it will be banned from sharing on


* No advertisement on is allowed in any form or share
* Do not advertise your personal sites
* Do not advertise any of the Premium Accounts
* Do not advertise products for sale
* Do not advertise any services
* Do not advertise anything at all!!!

If we see anybody advertising on our site without our permission – that user will be banned from automatically without any notice.

Register please contact: